A list of questions frequently asked by our clients, each with an answer.

What loan types does your company provide?
We extend unique financial products such as Once-off Loans for unexpected monthly budget deficits, Term Loans for short-term capital needs, and Zula Wallet for immediate minor cash requirements. For more information, please refer to our "How It Works" page.
Who can apply for a loan from your company?
Our services are open to anyone at least 18 years of age, in permanent employment, and possessing a favourable credit rating.
What is the lower and upper limit for the loan amounts provided by your company?
The minimum loan amount we offer is N$ 1000.00, while the maximum amount for both Once-off loans and Term loans is N$ 50,000. For Zula Wallet, we provide a fixed amount of N$ 500 per request, capped at N$ 1,000 within a 62-day period.
What is the maximum loan amount for which I can qualify?
Your loan amount is primarily dependent on your Affordability and Credit Worthiness. Affordability is calculated by subtracting your living expenses and other monthly commitments from your net salary. On the other hand, Credit Worthiness is based on your credit history and financial behaviour.
How can I apply for a loan from your company?
You can apply from anywhere in Namibia, at any time via this website. Our nationwide agents can assist with online application processes. Alternatively, you can walk in and apply at our Windhoek offices.
What documents are required when applying for a loan?
First-time applicants need to provide a colour-certified ID copy, the latest 3 months bank statement, and a Pay Slip.
What is the time frame for processing a loan application?
It typically takes around 3 hours for new applications and about an hour and a half for repeat loans. Zula Wallet has the fastest processing and disbursement time (for account holders), typically not exceeding 45 minutes.
How soon can the loan amount be disbursed upon application approval?
Zula Wallet is disbursed instantaneously, 24/7 upon approval. Meanwhile, Once-off and Term Loans are disbursed at 3-hour intervals from 11 hrs to 17 hrs daily. However, the exact time you receive the loan amount may depend on your bank's deposit processing speed among a few other external factors.
What are the available disbursement methods for approved loans?
Zula Wallet payouts are handled via E-wallet (only with verified cell phone numbers), while Once-off & Term Loans are disbursed through EFT.
What are the interest rates and associated fees for your loans?
All our loans carry a 30 percent one-time interest charge. Additional charges include the NAMFISA levy & Revenue stamp duty fees.
What is the loan repayment duration?
If you're a first-time applicant, you have a repayment period of 1-3 months, while for those who are repeat borrowers, the duration extends to between 1 and 5 months. For Zula Wallet, you can repay within a span of 62 days, as long as the limit is not exhausted before your subsequent payday.
What are the repayment methods for loan repayment?
We accept debit order payments from the borrower's account. EFT payments are also accepted, provided they are done three days before the next payday. Cash payments can only be made at our Windhoek offices and never to an agent.
Can I qualify for a loan if I have an outstanding balance with another microlender?
Indeed, provided it is within your affordability range.
What happens if I don't repay my loan on time?
If your loan repayment is late, you will face default interest charges and collection expenses. Additional measures might include, but aren't limited to, initiation of legal actions to ensure fulfilment of your obligations. Be aware: habitual defaults on loans can negatively impact your credit score, potentially obstructing your access to credit in the future.