Broke-Relief Cash Services, formerly known as Manuel Financial Services, is a top-tier micro-lending institution based in Namibia and fully accredited by the Namibian Financial Supervisory Authority (NAMFISA). Our specialty lies in offering adaptable financial solutions tailored to individual needs in the most accessible manner . Our cutting-edge online application process enables clients to utilise our services at any time from anywhere. We pride ourselves on streamlining the lending process, dramatically reducing the time between loan application and disbursement. As part of our commitment to your financial well-being, we provide free financial advice that encourages responsible borrowing.

Our Mission

We enhance living standards by bridging the gap between individuals and their financial shortfalls, preparing our clients for any future unforeseen expenses by making financial resources readily available in a convenient and cost-effective manner.

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Our Vision

To be the fastest, safest, and most reliable provider of financial solutions, offering services 24/7, globally.

Our Values

Transparency, confidentiality, and honesty form the core of our values. We prioritise objective decision-making and guarantee fair treatment of our clients throughout the delivery of our services, while adhering to the legal, regulatory, and industry frameworks. We are firm believers that responsible lending is pivotal to maintaining strong, lasting relationships with our clients.

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